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Our Elderberry Moonshine has subtle flavors of corn and vanilla undertones that compliment the fruity sweet tartness of the organic elderberries. We have found this to make exceptional cocktails but still stands very well on its own cold or over ice.

 Our Vanilla Plum Moonshine is a very complex 80 proof moonshine. It starts with the sweet flavor of plum upfront and a delicate smooth vanilla finish. A true sipping shine.

Our 100 proof  Sweet Mountain Moonshine is made from a very special yet traditional corn and barley recipe .  At 100 proof you can smell and taste the richness of the corn with a finish of caramelized barley. It is surprisingly smooth alone but makes a great cocktail or infusion. 

The Lemon Ginseng Moonshine is kind of like a limoncello with an Appalachian twist .To make this  100 proof delight, we use an extensive process with the freshest ingredients.

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