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5 Mile Mountain Cocktails 


Elderberry Moonshine

Elderberry Lemonade

1-2 oz. Elderberry Moonshine

Top off with Simply Lemonade 

Serve over ice

5 Mile Mule

1 oz.  Elderberry Moonshine

1/2 of a fresh lime

Top off with ginger beer.

Serve over ice


Vanilla Plum Moonshine

White Russian

1 oz. of our Vanilla plum      


1/2 oz. of your favorite  coffee liqueur

Serve over ice 

Top off with cream


Sweet Mountain Moonshine

Mountain Margarita

1 oz.  Sweet Mountain Moonshine

1/2 oz  triple sec

1/2oz. simple syrup

1/2 a fresh lime

Serve over ice with a slice of orange on the rim


1 oz. Sweet Mountain Moonshine

1/2 oz Triple sec

1 1/2 oz Cranberry juice 

1/2 oz. Fresh lime juice


lemon ginseng Moonshine

Appalachian Mimosa

1oz.  Lemon Ginseng Moonshine

1/2 oz. Triple sec

Squeeze of Meyer lemon

Top off with Prosecco

Giggle Water

1 oz. Lemon Ginseng  Moonshine

1-2 slices of freshly cut cucumber

Top off with Tonic water

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